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Best Orlando Car accident AttorneysAs a premier Florida personal injury law firm, Martinez Manglardi attorneys have been helping people recover losses from negligence and carelessness like medication error for 30 years. Our highly successful Orlando car accident attorneys have helped thousands of injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians across Central Florida win auto accident settlements and lawsuits. And our medical malpractice attorneys have helped thousands of people hurt through hospital negligence, misdiagnosisdoctor malpractice, birth injury and dangerous prescription drugs.

Our attorneys have also worked hard for victims of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and medication error. The United States provides some of the best healthcare in the world, yet thousands of Americans die annually due to adverse reactions, harmful side effects, and medication errors. In addition, these avoidable illnesses increase health care costs due to loss of income, disability claims, and medical treatment.

Manufacturers of drugs and supplements can be held responsible for the sale of defective products, devices, and drugs. This broad responsibility includes the duty to exercise reasonable care in the manufacture of a prescription drug. The manufacturer has an obligation to make a safe prescription drug, which includes the duty to design, manufacture, inspect, and label a drug appropriately. And doctors have the responsibility to safely prescribe the right medicines at the right doses. Pharmacists have a duty to accurately dispense drugs. Pharmacists must also be aware of potential drug injury from interactions.

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The Florida personal injury attorneys at Martinez Manglardi work with medication error experts. We’ve been representing people from Orlando, ApopkaKissimmee, Palm Bay, Seminole County, Osceola CountyOrange County, for 20 years. We understand the damage caused by prescription drug medication errors. The medication error injury attorneys at our offices have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We’re ready to put our experience to work for you.

Prescription Drug Error

Each year, thousands of people experience complications associated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and supplements. According to a recent study, newly approved prescription drugs are especially risky. There is a one in five chance that a patient taking a new drug will have an adverse reaction. That’s because the approval process is necessarily limited to small groups of people in controlled studies. There are always unforeseen injuries when the drug is released into the marketplace. This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires reporting of “adverse events” for new drugs.

Also, profit-driven drug and medical manufacturers put unrelenting pressure on the FDA to expedite their product’s approval. In turn, the FDA may put a drug on “fast track” status to reduce approval process time. Often, the FDA doesn’t test a “fast track” drug thoroughly. Without a full understanding of potential medication injury from side effects and negative interactions, patients continue to suffer.

With this in mind, it is especially critical that doctors know the proper drug to prescribe in the proper dosage. It’s equally crucial that your pharmacist fill the prescription correctly. The doctor and the pharmacist must be aware that certain pharmaceuticals are dangerous and cause medication injury when taken together.

Medication Error Attorneys

Drug manufacturers are responsible when they fail to design, inspect and label pharmaceuticals appropriately. A pharmaceutical manufacturer may also be liable for a patient’s injuries when they have failed to warn of a drug’s potential side effects or dangers. Courts can hold medical doctors, nurses, dentists, osteopaths and health care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes) liable for deviating from the acceptable standard of patient care. Nursing home medication injuries are becoming more common.

If you suspect a medication error, call a personal injury lawyer. Save the product and all packaging and instructions that came with it. This information may be vital to proving your medication injury case.

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