Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers and Defective Pharmaceutical Products

Every year thousands of patients are injured by faulty or defective pharmaceutical products.  Many of these incidents result in fatalities   The consequences are both physical and emotional and family members of the victims are severely affected   Patients that have suffered injuries and surviving family members of a patient that had suffered a wrongful death may sue for compensation for damages.  The law is very clear about the right of patients and the liability of Pharmaceutical companies that distribute defective products to the public.

Drug manufacturing companies need to be dettered from deceptive practices and misconduct.  Punitive damages help achieve this goal and send a clear message to the entre industry that there will be no tolerancy for the disregard of the consuming public’s safety.  Our Pharmaceutical Injury Attorneys have always been following the news of the gigantic pharmaceutical companies attempting to circumvent, and even change the laws that would diminish their exposure and liability.

The Martinez Manglardi Personal Injury Attorneys has spent decades fighting to defend the rights of injured patients and their families.  We will always fight these huge multinational industries in our quest for justice.  It is always unacceptable that tragedies result from defective products, and if you or any one of your loved ones has ever been a victim then we need to speak with you immediately   We are always seeking those that have suffered to join us in our crusade against these corporate injustices.

Call us today for a completely free initial consultation to review your circumstances and determine the appropriate steps to seek justice and possible compensation for damages, suffering and medical expenses.  We are on your side.  Our Litigation Firm of highly experienced Attorneys are dedicated to protecting the safety our community and all families that have suffered as a consequence of defective products.  The law and the common sense of justice is on your side.  You should never have to become a silent victim through no fault of your own ! Call us today !

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