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noun “1. An undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, personal injury, damage, or loss; casualty; mishap: automobile accidents. 2. Law. Such a happening resulting in injury that is in no way the fault of the injured person for which compensation or indemnity is legally sought.”

best personal injury attorney orlandoLife does come at you fast, and no one gets through without experiencing their share of accidents. Risk is such a part of everyday living that we expect people to go about their daily activities with a certain amount of care and attention.

People are supposed to pay attention when they drive their cars, trucks and motorcycles. We expect doctors and nurses to avoid making medical mistakes. All of us want drug companies to make safe pharmaceuticals. We don’t expect businesses to manufacture defective products. Shopping centers should do what they have to prevent slip and fall injuries. But not everyone is careful all the time. Accidents happen, and these accidents injure innocent people. If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident in Florida, you want the best Orlando car accident attorneys you can find.

When to Call an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

All too often, careless, impaired or drunk drivers cause car accidents. Florida auto accidents kill thousands and injure tens of thousands every year. Drivers and passengers often sustain debilitating neck, back and spinal injuries. There are hundreds of cases of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TMI) from car accidents in Florida every year. Transportation companies push drivers to put in longer hours than they should. Sometimes Florida truckers don’t maintain semis and tractor trailers.

The result is a weary, fatigued truck driver in a rig with worn brakes that slams into stalled traffic. Constant construction on I-4 makes driving in Central Florida dangerous, and there are more auto accidents on the Orlando section of I-4 than elsewhere in Florida. The Orlando car accident attorneys at Martinez Manglardi know the drill. The know that’s what’s best for you is what’s best for them.

Doctors make so many errors that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in America. OB/GYN doctors cause birth defects, cerebral palsy (CP) and other birth injuries by medical negligence during pregnancy and in delivery. Distractions cause bus drivers and train operators to get in accidents. Pharma companies don’t fully test drugs, and people die from taking dangerous prescription pharmaceuticals.

Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for You

One of the primary factors that contribute to the prevention of more fatalities and injuries caused by defective products, dangerous drugs, negligent doctors, careless drivers, and drunk driving is the existence of personal injury law. This legal framework ensures that big corporations, carmakers, drugmakers, doctors, and hospitals are held accountable for their actions.

They are well aware that if they do not prioritize the well-being of individuals, personal injury lawyers will step in to ensure justice is served. This system acts as a deterrent, encouraging these entities to act responsibly and prioritize the safety of the public.

By providing a legal avenue for victims to seek compensation and justice, personal injury law plays a crucial role in promoting accountability and deterring negligence. This not only safeguards the rights of individuals but also encourages corporations and professionals to uphold high standards of care. Without personal injury law, the consequences of defective products, dangerous drugs, medical malpractice, reckless driving, and drunk driving could be far more devastating, leaving countless victims without recourse.

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