Palm Bay Accident Lawyer: Most Dangerous Places to Walk

best palm bay accident lawyerPalm Bay accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA reminds drivers and pedestrians alike to watch where they’re going. According to Smart Growth America, “the last two years on record (2016 and 2017) were the most deadly years for people killed by drivers while walking since 1990.”  In their recent report, Dangerous by Design 2019, the organization says that’s a 35% increase in fatalities over the past ten years. The report ranks cities and states using “Pedestrian Danger Index”, or PDI, based on the number of people struck and killed by drivers while walking.

According to the report, pedestrian accidents make Florida a dangerous place for bipeds. In fact, the OrlandoKissimmee area is the most dangerous place in America to take a stroll. Orlando earned the highest PDI, 313.3.  Getting hit by a car in Palm Bay is also not uncommon. The Palm Bay – Melbourne PDI is 245. Recent pedestrian accidents include a hit and run crash on Palm Bay Road, which police are treating as a homicide.



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Personal injury lawyers are seeing more and more cases of pedestrian accidents and car accidents in general. Some experts link the increase to ubiquitous cell phone use.  In fact, distracted walking is becoming just as common – and dangerous – as distracted driving. Most accidents come down to negligence. If you find yourself looking for the best car accident lawyer in Palm Bay, consider the Palm Bay accident lawyers at Martinez Manglardi PA. Experience counts. We have been fighting for injured people for more than 30 years. For a free consultation with a personal injury attorney near you, call 407-846-2240.

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