Palm Bay Car Accident Lawyer Says Slow Down, Drive Safely

palm bay car accident lawyersPalm Bay car accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA says that drivers need to be especially careful in neighborhoods. There have been a number of car accidents in Palm Bay lately and local residents are concerned. Car accident lawyers in Palm Bay and Melbourne have seen an uptick in crashes with increased traffic in the area.

A local Palm Bay mother has been working to raise awareness of speeding in local neighborhoods. Palm Bay Daily reports that Amanda Kingsley is posting signs in neighborhoods urging drivers to slow down.

“Our community awareness of specific streets and unmarked bus stops can raise caution to drivers and hopefully reduce the accidents and issues our neighbors face,” Kingsley told Palm Bay Daily. “The plan is to start small and change our neighborhood one issue at a time starting with your street.”

Kingsley is hoping to raise money to buy 100 signs to place in areas most at risk for car and pedestrian accidents. She is working with a local sign maker and has created a  GoFundMe Page page to finance the project, #MyNeighborhoodOurChange.



Palm Bay Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Recover Losses

In Florida, according to the National Highway Transportation Saftey Administration, car accidents from speeding cause more than 300 deaths every year. That is 10% of car accident deaths. Speeding can be expensive as well as dangerous. A ticket can cost hundreds of dollars and add points to your license. When we drive, we all have a duty to pay attention and obey the rules.

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