Kissimmee Auto Accident Attorneys Warn on Distracted Driving

Best Kissimmee Auto Accident AttorneysKissimmee Auto Accident Attorneys Martinez Manglardi PA say pay attention on the road. Distracted driving inflicts a heavy toll on us all. Recently, News13 reported on a Central Florida trauma physician who says he’s seeing way too many car accident victims in Kissimmee’s Osceola Regional Medical Center.  Kissimmee Mayor Jose Alvarez has joined with the Osceola Sheriff’s Office to remind people that mindful driving can help avoid a needless tragedy. Texting, phoning and checking other gadgets while behind the wheel is on the increase.

Florida’s new Texting and Driving law will likely not help very much since there are many loopholes. With more than  1,000 car accidents a day in Florida, we need to be paying more attention. Car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers are dealing with the fallout from all these accidents. Florida car accidents kill about 3,000 people every year and injure more than 165,000.



Kissimmee Auto Accident Attorneys Work for Accident Victims

In Kissimmee and surrounding areas, local emergency room staffers see the cost of distracted driving every day.  Osceola Regional Medical Center trauma surgeon Dr. Andrew Skattam knows it all too well. “We see everything from a minor injury, someone driving over someone’s foot, someone clip someone with a mirror, all the way up to a T-bone accident with multiple casualties and fatalities,” Dr. Skattam told News 13. “I would say it has replaced [drunk driving] because the number of people who text and drive far exceeds the number of people who drink and drive now.”

Texting and driving and driving while intoxicated are both negligent and careless acts. According to the law, accident victims are entitled to recover their losses. Personal injury lawyers specialize in fighting insurance companies to compensate victims. If a Kissimmee car accident has injured you or a loved one and you’re looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Kissimmee, consider the Kissimmee Auto Accident Attorneys at Martinez Manglardi PA. We’ve been fighting for accident victims for more than 30 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation at one of our convenient Central Florida locations.


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