Personal Injury Law Firms In Orlando Rate Florida Car Accidents

Orlando Personal Injury Law FirmsPersonal Injury Law Firms in Orlando aren’t surprised at a new report that Florida drivers are the worst. Well, almost the worst. According to a study recently released by the financial website SmartAsset, the only drivers more likely to cause car accidents than Floridians are in California, Mississippi and Alabama. WESH Orlando reports that Smart Asset used four metrics to figure out which state had the most derelict driving population.

The first measurement, how many people are driving around without insurance, is of great concern to personal injury law firms. It turns out that more drivers risk getting into a car accident without insurance in Florida than anywhere else.



Personal Injury Law Firms in Orlando See Rise in Car Accidents

The news isn’t all bad — Florida had ranked #1 for worst drivers in the country for two years in a row. But that may not be because we’re getting better, but because drivers in other states are getting worse.  Florida drivers get into more than 1,000 car accidents a day.  Car accidents in Florida cause nearly 3,000 deaths and more than 165,000 people every year. There were 30,000 car accidents in Orange County alone last year.

Orlando personal injury law firms are seeing more and more cases of car accident deaths and injuries from careless behaviors like distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving. These tragic collisions and crashes are preventable. The consequences can be devastating, often leaving accident victims with debt, misery, and sorrow. Personal injury law firms can help accident victims pick up the pieces and restore financial security.

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