Injury Lawyers in Orlando Cite Car Accident Report

Orlando personal injury lawyersInjury lawyers in Orlando aren’t surprised that Florida car accident rates are among the country’s highest. For the past 15 years, Advocates for Highway Safety has issued report cards on how states legislate auto safety. Once again, Florida ranks among the worst. Basically, the group looks at safety laws in each state and awards a traffic light symbol as a grade, based on how many of the group’s recommended safety laws are in force. The organization recognizes progressively regulated states with a “Green Light.” A Yellow Light is for jurisdictions that do fairly well but could use improvement. While states like Florida, which are deemed to have unsatisfactory safe-driving laws, earn a Red Light.  As a result, injury lawyers in Orlando have been seeing an increase in car accidents in Central Florida as the region grows and distracted driving crashes are on the rise.

The Advocates group lobbies for a set of 16 laws, dealing with Occupant Protection, Child Passenger Safety, Teen Driving, Impaired Driving, and Distracted Driving. However, Florida has enacted only five of the recommended measures.  Consequently, in order to get a “Green Light” rating, Florida would have to enact the following laws:

  • Missing rear primary enforcement seat belt law
  • All-rider motorcycle helmet law
  • Rear-facing through age 2 child safety seat law
  • Booster seat law
  • Minimum age 16 for learner’s permit with nighttime and passenger restrictions
  • Age 18 for unrestricted license for teen drivers
  • Ignition interlocks for all offenders
  • All-driver text messaging restriction
  • GDL (Graduated Driving License) cell phone restriction




Injury Lawyers in Orlando Help Accident Victims Recover Losses

Orlando personal injury lawyers see the tragic toll from car accidents every day. According to the US Department of Transportation, Florida averages nearly 3,000 car accident deaths every year. In addition, car accidents injure more than 200,000  people in Florida annually. Car accident attorneys work with injured people and accident survivors every day to recover losses and win fair settlements from insurance companies.

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