Drive Like an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Orlando car accident lawyerAn Orlando car accident lawyer drives a car with a bit more mindfulness when she gets behind the wheel. That’s because a car accident lawyer who works to recover personal injury losses see the results of negligent driving every day. Neck and head injuries, back problems, strains, sprains, lacerations and worse from car accidents cause a lot of pain and suffering. Wrongful death from negligence is devastating.

So when a car accident lawyer heads into work, they know to drive with extra care and attention. An Orlando car accident lawyer will also pay special attention to the road conditions unique to Central Florida. Since Orlando and Central Florida, in general, attract tens of millions of tourists every year, it makes safe driving a challenge. Add to that the growing business and commercial hub in Orlando, along with new residents, and you have quite a mix of drivers.

And remember, all this is taking place in a city that is continuously outgrowing its infrastructure. Constantly expanding roads and highways mean road construction is always going on nearly 24/7 somewhere in Central Florida. The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project seems like a never-ending series of confusing detours and frustrating construction delays. It’s a recipe for car accidents, injuries, and deaths.


Driving Like an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

So knowing the roads like they do, how does an Orlando Car accident lawyer drive? They follow the basics. Drive defensively. First off, pay attention to what you are doing: operating a big, heavy, machine at high speeds — along with about a million other people who may or may not be paying attention. That means no distractions. No cell phones or other electronic gadgets. And no eating, looking at maps or rooting around in the seat for lost items.

Next, watch your speed and keep your distance — especially in bad weather. You need room to slow down for unexpected situations, and you need to always have an “escape hatch” in mind in case you need to suddenly shift lanes in an emergency. And never, never drive while under the influence of any substance that can impair your judgment. The roads are dangerous. You need to be alert and responsive at all times. Your life depends on it.

If you do find yourself injured in a car accident from another driver’s negligence, you’ll want an experienced, top-rated Orlando car accident lawyer who can help you recover your losses. Contact the Orlando car accident attorneys at Martinez Manglardi. For a free consultation, call 407-846-2240. We have five offices in Central Florida and have been helping Florida car accident victims for more than 30 years.



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