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Best Orlando auto accident law firmOrlando auto accident law firm Martinez Manglardi, PA is gauging the impact of self-driving cars and auto safety legislation. Florida has been carving out a niche as a pioneer proving ground for autonomous vehicles. For example, The Villages, one of the largest over-55 communities in the country, is home to a pilot project for a fleet of autonomous taxis. Also, in a town near Fort Myers, a company called Transdev is working toward developing a self-driving school bus system. Furthermore, Ford recently began testing autonomous vehicles in Miami.

In order to be a leader in the future of driving technology, Florida passed a law in 2012 to pave the way for tech companies to test smart cars in the Sunshine State. Now, it seems, Florida’s highway safety laws may have to be updated. At first, legislation envisioned personal ownership of robot cars. However, the trend seems to be pointing toward fleets of vehicles operating as taxis or delivery wagons.


To that end, State Rep. Jason Fischer, (R) Jacksonville, recently submitted legislation that updates technology terms and covers certain ride sharing aspects. “Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and Florida has a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of autonomous vehicle policy. Autonomous technology has the capability to eliminate human error on our roadways, making everyday modes of transportation drastically safer for Floridians,” Fischer said. “Autonomous vehicle technology will ensure our transportation modes serve all Floridians, providing opportunities for the elderly and special needs communities to have an independent and reliable source of transportation.”


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As an Orlando auto accident law firm, Martinez Manglardi, PA has been closely watching the development of self-driving vehicle programs in Central Florida. Of course, Orlando is working to become a leader on the road to a future with driverless cars. One of the benefits touted by proponents of automation on the highway is the promise of fewer car accidents. We can all hope that is the case. But the new technology raises new questions when car accidents do happen. Car accidents and injuries can be devastating. If you’re injured in a car accident in Central Florida, you’ll want the best car accident lawyers in Orlando.

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