Orlando Transportation Accident Attorneys on Florida School Bus Ruling

Best Orlando Transportation Accident AttorneysOrlando Transportation Accident Attorneys are following developing regulation of driverless vehicles, including school buses. It seems a company called Transdev, which bills itself as “the largest private provider of multiple modes of transport in North America,” got ahead of itself.  They began toting children to school in a Southwest Florida town before they had permission from federal regulators. While Transdev had permission to test driverless vehicles, they were not authorized to transport children. According to regulators, this put the children at risk for car accidents.

Heidi King, of the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), told the News-Press that the company had jumped the gun. “Innovation must not come at the risk of public safety,” she said. “Using a non-compliant test vehicle to transport children is irresponsible, inappropriate, and in direct violation of the terms of Transdev’s approved test project.”

While there have been no car accidents during the trial run, the government says the company’s actions put children at “inappropriate risk.”


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The fact is that companies often use the public to test developing technologies. Testing in laboratory conditions may not reveal all of the risks for car accidents. At some point, they need to start using these things under actual conditions. It’s not until self-driving cars are actually in traffic on real streets, where real accidents happen, that they’ll find flaws.

For companies, the knowledge that car accident attorneys will hold them financially responsible for injuries to crash victims makes them very careful. Still, accidents are bound to happen. And when they do, injured accident victims often need help recovering losses.

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