Florida Airbag Recall

Florida airbag recall attorney

There is still a lot of work to do for those trying to raise awareness of the Florida airbag recall. Specifically, it’s a Takata airbag recall, which includes many makes and models of cars. While it’s an urgent problem throughout the country, nowhere is the situation more urgent than it is in Florida.

Senator Bill Nelson has taken the lead in trying to get Floridians to check to see if their car has been recalled for an unsafe airbag. That’s because hot and humid conditions make the defect which causes airbags to malfunction worse. Airbags use an explosive metal cartridge to almost instantaneously inflate the device upon the impact of a car accident. For a time, Takata manufactured defective airbags with a cartridge using unstable chemicals that can shatter its metal container. The explosion sends shrapnel throughout the passenger compartment. Because of Florida’s heat and humidity, the state’s drivers are among those most at risk.


Florida Airbag Recall

Florida has the highest number of airbag injuries and deaths. According to Spectrum News 13, defective airbags in Florida have killed three people and injured 83 people. While pursuing other consumer protection issues, Sen. Nelson has been urging more government action to ensure driver safety.


In addition, the Deputy Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Heidi King, recently visited Florida to draw attention to the problem. She urged people to go to the NHTSA website to see if their car has been recalled and needs to be repaired.

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