Orlando Car Accident Lawyer on Latest Takata Airbag Victim

Florida defective airbag attorneyOrlando car accident attorneys say a defective airbag caused the death of a Florida woman killed in a 2017 car accident near Fort Lauderdale. A new report says that 34-year-old Nichol Barker died after the airbag in her Accord exploded in a crash.

According to police, Barker was driving at about 30 miles per hour. In addition to her mother, her 10-year-old-son and 5-year daughter were in the car. The driver of a Pontiac Firebird made a left turn in front of her and the two cars collided. According to the medical examiner, Barker would have survived the car accident if not for the exploding Takata defective airbag. Barker died shortly after the crash from massive head injuries caused by metal fragments exploding from the defective airbag. Everyone else in the accident suffered minor injuries.

In the meantime, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a list of models from 14 car manufactures added to the latest wave of recalls for defective Takata airbags. Nearly 42 million cars are subject to recall, making it the largest overall auto safety recall in history. Takata started to recall vehicles in 2013 after receiving numerous reports of car accident injuries and deaths involving exploding defective airbags.  The company manufactures airbags and other parts for virtually all major automakers.


Defective Airbag Recall Affects Millions


The most recent list of recalled cars includes models from Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes and many others. Automakers are recalling cars in stages because of the massive number of cars involved. Because hot, humid climates increase the risk of explosion, authorities are recalling cars in those regions first. The full list is available at the NHTSA website. Owners can check the list using the 17-digit vehicle identification number.

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