Orlando Bicycle Accident Lawyer Notes Hit and Run Crashes

Best Orlando Bicycle Accident LawyerOrlando bicycle accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi, PA is cautioning cyclists to be extra careful. A series of bicycle accidents has taken several lives in Central Florida lately. The Florida Department of Transportation reports that more people are killed and injured in bicycle accidents in Florida than any other state.

According to the Wall Street Journal, even though Florida, California and Texas account for only about 25 percent of the population, about 40 percent of bicyclist deaths in America occur in these three states.

The most dangerous cities for cyclists in Florida, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are Tampa/St. Petersburg area, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. Separate hit and run accidents in Orange County recently claimed the lives of two cyclists. And the cycling world is in shock after a distracted driving accident in Davie killed two bicycle riders.

Distracted driving is often the reason people find themselves looking for the best Orlando bicycle accident lawyer.


A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help Recover Losses

While safety advocates are working to strengthen distracted driving laws in Florida, cyclists can take steps to avoid accidents. For starters, don’t engage in distracted cycling.  A recent study found that in accidents in which cyclists were at fault, more than 20% “were clearly distracted” just prior to the crash. Other common sense tips include: wearing a helmet and other protective gear, paying strict attention to traffic laws — and always assume that cars can not see you.

If a car hits you while you are riding your bicycle, you’re going to want the best bicycle accident lawyer you can find to help you recover losses and get compensation for injuries. Consider the Orlando bicycle accident lawyers at Martinez Manglardi, PA. We’ve been helping accident victims in Central Florida for more than 30 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation at one of our convenient locations.


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