The Best Car for Teen Drivers

teen driversWhen it comes to providing a car for the newly-minted teen driver, no doubt every parent would like to be able to hand over the keys to 2018 Lexus LS, the “safest car in the world.”

Of course, you’d like to spring for a new car, but $80,000 may not be in the budget. If so, you can check this list of Best New Cars for Teens in US News. The list ranges from the $20,000 Toyota Corolla to the $40,000 KIA Sorento.

For the rest of us, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is out with a list of “pre-owned” vehicles that would be the next best thing. The list focuses on cars with at least some of the features that make the Lexus a safe car to drive.

Teens may not be all that happy with the recommendations, but according to the Insurance Institute, they’ll be safer in cars with these features:

  • Large and heavy. The bigger, the better.
  • Moderate horsepower. Too much power in inexperienced hands is a dangerous situation.
  • Electronic stability control (ESC) Maintains stability in rain and on curvey roads.
  • Blind-spot detection systems for side view mirrors. Greatly lowers chances of lane change crashes.


Central Florida‘s role as a world-class tourist destination and its booming population make Orlando an especially risky place for inexperienced drivers to safely master the roadways. In fact, personal injury lawsuits from injured car crash victims have been keeping Orlando car accident attorneys busy. Making sure that teen drivers have the latest safety features is one way to decrease car crashes in Florida.


Advice on the Best Car for your Teen



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