Staying Safe on I-4 During Construction

“Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel… “ —  Jim Morrison and the Doors

Jim Morrison may have written Road House Blues with the Orlando I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project in mind.  It seems like it’s Orlando I-4been going on forever (began in 2015) and that it’ll never end (scheduled completion in 2021).

The ambitious $2.3 billion project to modernize what’s been called the nation’s most dangerous highway makes I-4 even more daunting to navigate during construction. Drivers have to contend with shifting lanes, unsmooth surfaces, and narrow lanes during construction.

Back when it all began, The Orlando Business Journal published some tips for protecting yourself and your family as you take on the Orlando I-4 ultimate safety challenge. In such a major overhaul, the highway is going to present drivers with changing features almost on a daily basis. So a driver has to be on guard against the familiarity that sets in when traveling roads regularly. One has to be alert to shifting lanes, changing speeds, rough surfaces, debris as well as construction equipment and personnel.

Go Slow!

Rule number one, of course, is slow down. Secondly, take extra care to avoid distractions, especially texting, phone calls and navigation devices. Other advice includes generally staying alert to the many changes going on and potential Orlando I-4obstacles. Perhaps the best piece of advice is to avoid I-4 altogether if possible – until 2021. They also recommend carpooling and alternate means of travel like SunRail and Lynx.

To get more safety tips and an idea of what you’ll be dealing with you can check out They have a handy guide to where all the hot spots are likely to be on a given day. (Hint: Everywhere.) The site also has updated lists of detours that you’re likely to encounter, as well as alternate routes to take.

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