Apopka Car Accident Lawyer: Goodbye Red Light Cameras

Apopka car accident lawyerApopka car accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi, PA notes that the city is doing away with red light cameras. Police use cameras throughout Florida to help catch speeders and other traffic law violators, but some question their usefulness. Although proponents say they help reduce car accidents, others say governments use them mainly to raise revenue. One thing for certain, they are not popular with the driving public. That was the case in Apopka, where residents turned out at a city council meeting to support pulling the plug on intersection surveillance.

Not surprisingly, a lobbyist for the company that sells the system told the Apopka council that red light cameras are worth it. “It’s critical everyone understand the impact of the decision tonight,” said Frank Drescher. American Traffic Solutions, which sells the cameras, pays Dresher to represent them. He noted that police department professionals have endorsed cameras. Cities use them “not only as a safety tool to catch red-light violators, who break the law and put your community at risk but also as a crime prevention and apprehension tool.” he said. “As you make your decision tonight, I hope you make safety your first priority. Seatbelts save lives. Airbags save lives. And these cameras save lives.”

Apopka Council Geen Lights Less Surveillance

But the Apopka council did not buy the safety argument, citing a study by the Florida legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability. On the contrary, the report by the non-partisan policy organization found mixed results on red light cameras and safety. While the number of fatalities went down, the number of car accidents at red light intersections actually went up in the state. Additionally, council members noted that much of the revenue from red light camera tickets went to the vendor. In the final analysis, council members felt the city’s budget could get along nicely without that revenue.



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