Product Liability Attorney Wins $2,600,000 Settlement

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The product liability attorneys at the Martinez Manglardi personal injury law firm won a $2,600,000 – Product Liability / Wrongful Death settlement for family members injured in a car accident caused by a defective tire.

Martinez Manglardi determined that the tire had manufacturing defects and moreover, should not have been used on that particular vehicle. Martinez Manglardi filed a defective product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the tire, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and the local car dealership that sold the car.

Accidents and injuries caused by defective products occur more frequently than most people realize. From poorly engineered automobiles to inadequately tested medical devices, these dangerous products can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a defective product, seeking legal representation from an experienced product liability attorney is crucial.

Understanding Product Liability

Product liability is an area of law that holds manufacturers, distributors, and sellers responsible for injuries caused by their defective products. When a product is brought to market, the manufacturer and other parties in the supply chain have a legal obligation to ensure that the product is safe for its intended use. If a product has a defect that causes harm to a consumer, the injured party has the right to file a claim against the responsible parties.

Types of Product Liability Claims

There are several types of product liability claims that can be pursued, depending on the circumstances of the case. The most common type is a “strict liability” claim, which allows an injured party to seek compensation without proving that the manufacturer or seller was negligent. To win a strict liability case, the plaintiff’s attorney must demonstrate the following:

  1. The product had an “unreasonably dangerous” defect that caused the injury.
  2. The defect occurred in the product’s design, manufacturing, or during shipping and handling.
  3. The injury occurred despite the product being used as intended.
  4. The product had not significantly changed from its original condition when sold.

Apart from strict liability claims, negligence and breach of warranty are also considered in product liability cases. Each type of claim has its advantages and disadvantages, and an experienced attorney will advise on the best course of action based on the specific circumstances of the case.

Establishing Liability

When pursuing a product liability claim, it is essential to establish liability against the responsible parties. This can include the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or retailer involved in the product’s supply chain. Liability can be proven by demonstrating one or more of the following types of defects:

  1. Design defects: These are inherent flaws in the product’s design that make it unsafe even before it is manufactured.
  2. Manufacturing defects: These occur during the production process and result in a product that deviates from its intended design.
  3. Defect in warning: Manufacturers must provide adequate instructions and warnings regarding potential dangers associated with their products.

The Role of a Product Liability Attorney

If you believe you have a defective product claim, it is crucial to consult with a product liability attorney as soon as possible. These attorneys specialize in handling cases involving faulty products and can provide you with the guidance and legal representation you need to pursue a successful claim. Here are some key reasons why hiring a product liability attorney is essential:

1. Expert Knowledge and Experience

Product liability attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding product safety. They understand the responsibilities of manufacturers and distributors and can navigate the complex legal landscape to build a strong case on your behalf. With their experience handling similar circumstances, they know the best strategies to maximize your chances of success.

2. Thorough Investigation

A skilled product liability attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into your case. They will gather evidence, review product specifications, examine manufacturing processes, and consult with experts to determine the cause of the defect and establish liability. This comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in building a solid case for compensation.

3. Legal Guidance and Advocacy

Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a personal injury. A product liability attorney will guide you through every step of the process, providing you with the necessary support and advice. They will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for your rights to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

4. Resources and Network

Product liability cases often require extensive resources to gather evidence, consult with experts, and prepare for trial. Reputable product liability attorneys have access to a network of professionals, including engineers, medical experts, and accident reconstruction specialists, who can provide valuable insights to strengthen your case. Additionally, they have the financial resources to fund complex litigation, ensuring you receive the representation you deserve.

5. Maximizing Compensation

One of the primary goals of a product liability claim is to seek compensation for the injuries and damages caused by the defective product. A skilled attorney will assess the full extent of your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. They will work tirelessly to negotiate a fair settlement or, if necessary, advocate for your rights in court to secure the maximum compensation possible.

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