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Top Orlando Personal Injury AttorneysOne of the tools that the government uses to help keep citizens safe is compiling statistics. In Florida, The Florida Department of Health collects information about accidents, injuries, and deaths in the state through the Florida Injury Surveillance Data System. The system tracks all manner of accidents and injuries in order to determine risk factors. The state then shares this information with injury prevention organizations.

Florida personal injury attorneys are all too familiar with these numbers. The system monitors incidents of auto crashes,  slip and fall accidents,  transportation accidents, and various other types of accidental injury and death. The primary sources of information for the data are death certificates. Florida car accident records, and hospital and emergency room injury discharges and deaths are also used.


Top Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys and Injury Data

Florida personal injury lawyers are most concerned with data involving possible negligence. Generally speaking, these are accidents and injuries in which victims may be eligible to recover losses and compensation. Negligence or carelessness causes most car accident injuries. Fortunately, the law provides for ways in which a negligent party is responsible for medical bills, lost wages and other losses. For instance, the number one cause for accidental deaths of children up through age four is suffocation and drowning. If a neighbor leaves a swimming pool unsecured, he may be liable.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of injury death in Florida for ages five through 24, and the second leading cause of injury deaths for everyone over 24 years old.  No one can put a price on the personal grief of losing a loved one. The tragedy leaves survivors to deal with the financial toll. Insurance companies stay in business by paying the least amount of compensation possible. Florida car accident lawyers know the law and know how to hold negligent parties and insurance companies accountable.

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