Speeding Accidents Increase

speeding accidents

As speeding accidents increase, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has teamed up with professionals and advocates from across the country. The move was prompted by new figures indicating that though there was a small decrease in the overall number of highway fatalities, the amount of deaths caused by speeding has reached the highest level in the last 14 years, accounting for almost one-third of all traffic fatalities.

From July 10-31, the US Department of Transportation will launch a campaign to address the issue of fatalities on the roads through its National Roadway Safety Strategy. The campaign is backed by a $9.6 million investment for media coverage in both English and Spanish, airing on TV, radio, and digital spaces. The content is tailored towards drivers aged 18-44, as this demographic is commonly associated with speed-related fatal accidents.

Speeding Accidents and Injuries

According to Acting Administrator Carlson, about one-third of road fatalities are due to speeding, and this puts all road users – including those in other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and those with disabilities – in danger. NHTSA implores people to obey speed limits and arrive at their destination a few minutes late, rather than not at all.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently published information on speeding-related fatalities which revealed an 8% increase from 2020 to 2021, resulting in 12,330 people being killed in these crashes. This figure accounts for almost a third of all traffic fatalities in 2021. Additionally, the number of individuals injured in such incidents rose by 7%. Motorcycle riders were disproportionately affected by speeding-related accidents, accounting for 33% of all fatalities.

In speeding-related crashes, many drivers engage in other dangerous driving habits. Those who were in fatal crashes and were speeding had consumed alcohol more often than those who did not speed. What’s more, over half of the speeding passenger vehicle drivers were not wearing seatbelts, compared to 23% of those who were not driving at a high rate of speed.

The NHTSA conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of law enforcement officers in deterring speeding. The results showed that the number of people driving above the speed limit was a key factor in the occurrence of speeding-related crashes. Conversely, the number of vehicles traveling at or below the speed limit had no impact on the number of crashes. The research also revealed that decoy vehicles, tickets, and digital speed signs can be successfully employed to reduce speeding even after they are no longer present at a particular location.

In 2022, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued the National Roadway Safety Strategy, a plan to combat the national crisis of traffic fatalities and injuries. This strategy uses the safe system approach and implements multiple layers of protection to create safer roads, people, vehicles, speeds, and post-crash care.

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has provided an abundance of funds for safety initiatives, such as the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program. In February, the Department of Transportation allocated more than $800 million to more than 500 communities to aid in projects that can tackle areas with high crash occurrences.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has initiated the next stage of the NRSS with a Call-to-Action campaign to reduce speeding accidents and presented a one-year report with data visualizations that demonstrate the seriousness of the U.S. roadway safety issue.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is in close cooperation with States to employ various measures to reduce speeding accidents, such as making sure speed limits are safe and connecting with localities to customize public awareness and law enforcement endeavors. Numerous States have implemented speed initiatives throughout July to enlighten the public and enforce sensible speeds, to reduce speed-related crashes.

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