Startling Road Rage Incidents

The important thing to remember about road rage incidents in Florida is that our permissive gun laws mean that many drivers who are angry might also be armed. It’s a bad combination. Simply having a gun in the car, according to researchers, causes people to drive more aggressively, including tailgating and making obscene gestures at other drivers.

An agitated driver with a gun increases the chances that an aggressive driving incident could turn deadly. According to Everytown for Gun Safety’s research of aggressive driving occurrences, there were at least 522 driving-related shootings nationwide in 2021, and 131 were fatal.

Road Rage Shootings in Florida

road rage

Florida has the second highest rate of fatal road rage shootings in the United States, behind Texas. Over the past four years, there have been 32 fatal driving-related shootings in Florida.

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