Orlando Car Accidents Lawyers on Reducing Florida Car Crashes

Best florida car accidents attorneysKeeping the number Florida car crashes to a minimum depends a lot on keeping our roadways safe. Yet the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), which rates infrastructure, gives Florida roads a “C” grade. The bad report card on the health of Florida’s highways results from low government spending on maintenance and new projects.

The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project notwithstanding, state and local governments have not been keeping up with increased traffic. (They’re spending a lot on the I-4 project, but the number of Orlando car accidents is up because of the construction hazards.) The number of miles people drive on Florida roads has nearly doubled in the past thirty-five years. But authorities have only added about 25% more actual miles of pavement in that time frame. The resulting traffic and congestion contribute to more Florida car accidents.

The Florida Department of Transporation (FDOT) is responsible for maintaining more than 12,000 miles of Florida state highways. But this makes up merely 10% of the total roadway mileage in Florida. Counties, cities, and various roadway authorities are responsible for making sure the other 100,000 miles of pavement are drivable. The ASCE says that more than 13,000 miles of Florida roads are in poor condition. And poor conditions are a recipe for more Florida car accidents. Unsafe roadways also cost drivers money in wear and tear on their cars. The ASCE says that car accidents, deaths and injuries aside, each Florida driver spends more than $300 a year to fix cars damaged by roads in poor repair.

Some Florida Bridges Unsafe

Florida bridges also present a maintenance and safety challenge. The FDOT also oversees the care of more than 12,000 bridges throughout the state. The ASCE says that about 1,800 of these bridges are more than 50 years old. Two hundred and fifty of these are “structurally deficient.” (The most-traveled crumbling bridge in Florida is in Okaloosa, US-98 over ICWW & Brooks Street.)

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