Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando Eye Vision Related Car Accidents

personal injury attorneys in OrlandoPersonal injury attorneys in Orlando are taking notice of efforts to reduce accidents through better eyesight guidelines. The family of a teenager killed by a legally blind driver in a motorcycle accident is using its recent court victory to raise awareness of vision-related accidents.

Edward Parke of Lee county recently won a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his son, Sean Parke. In awarding the settlement, the jury found that 78-year-old Evelyn Miozza was driving her 2008 Dodge Caravan while legally blind. Parke’s personal injury attorneys say that Miozza killed the motorcyclist because of her limited vision.

The lawyers were able to obtain Miozza’s eyecare records. They discovered that the state considers her to be blind (at least in the legal definition for driving purposes) without eyeglasses. Attorneys also determined that she had missed follow-up appointments with her eye doctor to address cataracts.


Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando Urge Drivers Keep Vision Sharp

Every driver who gets behind the wheel has a responsibility to make sure they are fit to drive. Eyesight is, of course, a key element in safe driving. Many people don’t realize that eyesight gradually deteriorates with age. Night vision is especially affected. While the state of Florida requires eye tests for older drivers, it may be a good idea to get eye exams more frequently.

As a recent study  put it: “aging-related visual impairments could impact older adults’ ability to control the vehicle, detect relevant events and objects in the roadway environment, and to interact with the dashboard.”

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