#1 in Pedestrian Car Accidents

Florida is ranked the second deadliest state for pedestrians, and Daytona ranks # 1 in pedestrian car accidents in the state.  Orlando ranks number eight in the top 20 most dangerous cities for pedestrians in the country in 2022. Recent cases of pedestrian accidents in Orlando, like the young man hit by a car and killed near UCF have renewed calls for new safety measures.

The Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at the Martinez Manglardi Personal Injury Law Firm are reminding drivers to be extra careful and keep an eye for others in crosswalks and on bicycles. They know from experience winning pedestrian car accident settlements what a tragic impact pedestrian car accidents have on the lives of injured victims and drivers. So be careful, and if you’d like to talk with an Orlando car accident attorney, you can call 866-730-1881 for a free consultation.

Pedestrian Car Accidents in Florida

In actuality, it’s dangerous to walk around on foot in Florida in general. Florida is home to six of the ten most hazardous cities. A Pedestrian Danger Index is a metric used to rank cities (PDI). The index examines a city’s population in light of the proportion of workers who walk to work as well as the number of pedestrian fatalities. The Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford areas rank high in the PDI.

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