Orlando Injury Lawyer on Preventing Truck Accidents

Best Orlando Injury lawyersOrlando Injury Lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA notes safety concerns in recent proposals to relax safety rules for truck drivers. Road Safe America, which works to prevent truck accidents, says big-rig truck fatalities have been on the increase. Part of the reason may be that under the current administration, the federal government has been deregulating many industries. For the most part, safety rules have been the first to go. Accident lawyers say this could lead to more personal injury claims resulting from truck accidents. Nevertheless, the government has not enforced or implemented proposed regulations designed to prevent accidents. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had proposed requiring speed-limiting technology for semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. The administration scrapped the move, despite evidence that it would save money and lives.

The latest example of short-term profit winning out over accident prevention is the FMCSA’s plan to revamp “hours of service” regulations for truck drivers. According to WDBO Orlando, safety advocates say the changes would lead to more semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents as drivers are forced to spend longer stretches behind the wheel.


Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Fights for Accident Victims



Opponents of regulation rollbacks, like the Truck Safety Coalition, are working hard to prevent weakening of safety rules. The coalition is a volunteer network of truck accident victims and survivors who advocate for highway safety. But they are up against the powerful trucking industry lobby, and the fight is not easy. It’s the same way when truck accident victims try to recover losses sustained in a crash. Personal injury claims involving truck accidents can be different from other types of accident lawsuits. Victims and survivors often face big corporations and insurance companies who know how to block your right to a fair settlement.

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