Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys: Takata Air Bag Car Accidents

Orlando personal injury attorneysOrlando auto accident attorneys Martinez Manglardi PA say that defective Takata airbags have killed at least 24 people. In the latest incident, metal shards from an exploding airbag killed an Arizona man in a car accident. In what has become the “largest and most complex safety recall in U.S. history,” auto manufacturers have ordered about 42 million cars returned to dealers for repairs. Toyota says that the number will reach 70 million by the end of this year.

The Takata scandal has been unfolding for decades. It’s a tale of negligent manufacturing, car accident deaths and injuries, personal injury lawsuits and criminal convictions. Japanese-based auto parts manufacturer Takata makes airbags for every major car manufacturer in the world. Honda was the first automaker to recall cars after reports of defective airbags. That was in 1988. Airbags inflate at the instant of a car accident using a small explosion from a metal cartridge to force propellant into the bags. The problem is that the explosive chemical that Takata used in the inflator cartridge, ammonium nitrate, deteriorates in hot, humid conditions. When the degraded chemical becomes unstable it corrodes the metal in the inflator. The inflator then explodes, sending hot shards of metal throughout the car’s passenger compartment.

Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys: Check Your Vehicle

These Takata airbag explosions can occur even if you don’t get into a car accident. Almost every car make and model is at risk, so it’s important to check your car. The National Highway Transportation Safety Authority urges car owners to see if your vehicle is on the list to be repaired. The latest car makers to issue recalls include Honda and Toyota.

About 14 million car owners have not responded to the recall, so car makers are offering a reward. People can earn up to $55 for getting someone to the dealer to fix their airbag:

Carma has a tool that lets you search the NHTSA recall database with a license plate smartphone photo. You can also manually enter a vehicle identification number (VIN), which in the U.S. is visible by looking through the windshield for a plate with the number on the top front edge of the dashboard on the drivers’ side.”

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