Ocala Car Accident Lawyers See Crashes and Injuries

Ocala car accident lawyersOcala car accident lawyers have been busy of late, with a spate of crashes and injuries in town. Recent car accidents in the Ocala area include a three-vehicle crash on County Road 314 near Salt Springs that seriously injured one person and a multi-car crash on State Road 40 which killed an infant and sent five people to the hospital with critical injuries. The latter accident is a grim reminder of the danger of truck accidents. The crash happened when a semi-truck traveling West on the highway struck the family riding in a van traveling East.

Semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents are not uncommon in the area because I-75 runs through the county. A big rig truck accident near Gainesville in January killed six people, including five children.  As with many areas in Florida, car accidents increase with traffic in Ocala as the population grows.


Ocala Car Accident Lawyers Want You to Drive Safely

Ocala car accident lawyers say car crashes kill about a dozen people a year. Dozens more are injured. Furthermore, even walking is not safe. In fact, on average, cars hit and kill three to four pedestrians in the area annually. As Ron Cunningham, former editorial page editor of The Gainesville Sun, reminded us, driving is “the most dangerous thing we do.

“Much of the time we hardly think of its inherent risks,” Cunningham writes.”We get behind the wheel. Switch on the ignition. And drive. … until that one panic-filled split second when the terror of it all is suddenly driven home to us.”

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