Kissimmee Car Accident Attorneys On Teen Driving Safety

Kissimmee Car Accident AttorneysKissimmee Car Accident Attorneys Martinez Manglardi PA says teen drivers are especially at risk for car crashes. A recent report in The Osceola News-Gazette highlights the particular dangers that young drivers face. The most common causes of car accidents for teenagers are speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving. A spokesman for AAA, Mark Jenkins, told The Gazette that the risks “can make for an unsettling summer for parents of teenage drivers. The combination of inexperience and more time on the road, especially at night, gives teens a higher probability of being in crashes,” he said. “AAA urges parents to lead by example when driving, and talk to their teens about the importance of being safe and avoiding reckless behaviors.”

Summer is an especially hazardous time for teens because school is out and these inexperienced drivers spend more time on the road. The Gazette reported that most fatal teen crashes over the summer are caused by speeding, driving while impaired and distracted driving. Kissimmee Car Accident Attorneys say that new texting and driving laws will probably not help. They are hard to enforce.



Kissimmee Car Accident Attorneys Say Stay Safe


Teens will have a better chance to avoid auto accidents in Kissimmee if they take the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Teen Driver Challenge. It’s a free 10-hour course on how to drive safely. Most car crashes come down to driver error. And most driver error results from negligence or carelessness. If you are looking for the best Kissimmee Car Accident Attorneys, consider Martinez Manglardi PA Car accident attorneys in Kissimmee. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping Central Florida car accident victims get justice. To speak with one of our Kissimmee car accident attorneys about your case at no charge, call 407-846-2240.



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