Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


Orlando motorcycle accident attorneysIt’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a reminder that we can prevent motorcycle accidents. Last year, there were about 9,000 motorcycle crashes in Florida. Florida is the most dangerous state for motorcycle accidents. While only 3 in 100 registered vehicles are motorcycles, deaths from motorcycle crashes account for one in five Florida accident fatalities. Statewide, more than 600 people die in motorcycle crashes every year.


How to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclist site offers some advice for motorcycle drivers. One of the most common dangers for cyclists is a car turning left in from of you. Part of the problem is that most car drivers are looking out for other cars when they navigate. They may not see motorcycles simply because they are not looking out for them. So car drivers must train themselves to include bikers in their mental radar screens.

Bikers need to realize that most drivers aren’t doing that, and must remain vigilant. “Yes, you do need to take something as innocuous as a car waiting in a turn lane as a major and immediate threat to your life,” writes Wes Siler. “You also need to account for objects outside of your vision. Gaps in traffic indicate the possibility of someone coming through that gap, even if you can’t see them. Again, MAJOR THREAT, PREPARE FOR EVASIVE ACTION.”

Other commons hazards to bikers include taking corners or sharp turns too fast, getting hit by a car coming into your lane, or getting hit by a car from behind. But the most dangerous thing a biker can do is drink and drive. According to studies, alcohol is a contributing factor to nearly half of fatalities in motorcycle crashes.

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