Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers and Theme Park Injuries

Orlando Lawyers Florida theme park injuries Orlando personal injury attorneys are paying special attention to a recent spate of Florida theme park accidents and injuries. Six people were seriously hurt in a recent Daytona Beach roller coaster accident when the cars derailed. And Walt Disney World logged several accidents or incidents in its latest report to state authorities on visitor health problems.

Considering the fact that Disney hosts more than 20 million visitors a year, their safety record is pretty impressive. Florida amusement and theme parks forgo state inspections by agreeing to voluntarily report accidents, injuries or health problems. Theme park injuries and accidents are reported as health “incidents” to the state. These fall into categories that include accidents in which the guest may have been at fault for an injury. With all of the public transportation at The Magic Kingdom, such accidents are not surprising.

Some injuries may involve a guest’s existing health condition. There are examples in Disney’s latest report to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.   A 27-year-old woman was visiting the Animal Kingdom.  The Kilimanjaro Safaris ride proved to be a little too stimulating for the pregnant woman and she went into labor. Another visitor, who was 71 years old, had a heart attack while swimming in Blizzard Beach.


Florida Theme Park Injuries and Negligence

Negligence is the culprit in accidents sometimes, however. Such appears to be the case in the Daytona Beach amusement park accident. There are reports that the cars were going too fast when the front car derailed, some 30 feet in the air. The car was dangling from the tracks. Two people fell to the ground, while two other riders were hanging on to the sides of the car when rescuers arrived. In all,  first responders took 10 people to the hospital. Some victims have filed personal injury lawsuits.


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