Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando Study Self-Driving Accident Liability

Best car accident lawyers in OrlandoCar accident lawyers in Orlando are assessing the impact of self-driving cars on auto accident lawsuits. The first known autonomous vehicle traffic fatality happened in Williston, Florida in 2016. In that crash, a self-driving Telsa car collided with a tractor-trailer, killing the driver of the Tesla. Earlier this year, a self-driving Uber car hit a pedestrian on an Arizona highway.

Uber stopped testing autonomous cars on public highways after the crash but now wants to resume. Orlando car accident attorneys are watching to see how these autonomous auto accidents play out in the courts. Orlando would be a prime area for self-driving vehicles, given the unique profile of Central Florida traffic. Many car accidents in Florida are blamed on the mix of vacationers, older drivers, commuters and truckers.

Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando Help Injured Victims


Generally, there are fairly clear indicators of negligence and liability in a car crash. Currently, a victim of negligence can find the best personal injury lawyer in town and sue the careless party for damages. In a typical car accident, another driver is likely at fault. A car accident attorney’s job is to make sure you get a fair settlement from that driver (or the auto insurance company.) But what if a self-driving car hits a pedestrian? Is the car maker at fault?

A recent story in The Atlantic posits that autonomous vehicles change the legal landscape. Instead of negligence actions, personal injury attorneys may find themselves filing product liability lawsuits.

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