Bicycle Accident Attorney: What to do After a Crash

bicycle accident attorneyAny bicycle accident attorney can tell you that cycling can be dangerous. The experienced ones know how to deal with the legal problems that a cyclist faces after a crash.

In a recent article for The Recorder, Concord Law School Professor Shaun Jamison lays out what you should do if you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident. The advice is given in the case of a cyclist who has been hit by a car, which is not an uncommon occurrence in Florida.


Document Everything for your Bicycle Accident Attorney

Jamison says the key to building your legal case is documenting your injuries. So it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. A driver’s lawyer will dispute your injuries because you didn’t go to the doctor immediately. Also, some injuries are not readily apparent right away.

Generally, the first thing to do after the accident is to call the police. They will help document the evidence that you will need in a legal case. Take pictures of the crash scene and any damage to your bicycle and helmet. You need names and insurance information from the driver involved. Also, make sure to get contact information of any witnesses.

Be careful, though, to not say anything to the driver after getting contact and insurance information. Avoid getting into arguments with the driver or even making any statements.

You need to call your insurance company. Your car insurance or event homeowner or renter’s insurance may cover some of your expenses.

Call an experienced bicycle accident attorney. Most people drive cars instead of riding bicycles. As Professor Jamison points out, this means that most people – and juries – are going to be more sympathetic to drivers than cyclists in court. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will know how to present your case in the best possible light.



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