Accidents and Injuries: Top Ten Summer Safety Hazards

accidents and injuries water balloon toy

Better watch out for accidents and injuries when having Florida fun this vacation season. The old saying that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye has some truth to it. The consumer safety group, World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) warns of summer risks.

“The combination of warm weather and school vacation is an opportunity for youngsters to enjoy the outdoors, but can also be a time for injuries,” the organization reported. “Summer months account for nearly half of all injury-related deaths to children, and hospital emergency departments will treat about 2.5 million children injured in accidents.”

Kristen Beckworth, manager of the Center for Childhood Injury Prevention at Texas Children’s Hospital says summertime is risky. “We see a spike in unintentional injuries in kids during those months,” she said. “We speculate that it’s partly because kids are out of school and there’s a lot more to get into when you’re not structured in the school environment.”


Top Ten for Accidents and Injuries


  1. Water Balloon Slingshots: Pose the dual risk of threat for projectile eye injuries and small part hazards for youngsters
  2. Lawn Darts: Blunt impact injury
  3. Low Riding Wheeled Toys (Big Wheels and other plastic tricycles): Potential for falls, head injuries
  4. Backyard Pools: Risk of drowning
  5.  All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs): Potential for head, bone and other injuries
  6. Toys with Small Parts: Chance of choking injuries
  7. Shallow Water in Baby Pools, Garden Buckets, Pool Covers: Chance of drowning
  8. Backyard Slip n’ Slide: Reported neck, spine, head and other life-threatening injuries
  9. High-powered water guns and guns with projectile ammunition: Potential for ocular injury
  10. Bounce Houses and Backyard Trampolines: Risk of impact and other serious injuries

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