Accident Attorneys in Orlando Note New Distracted Driving Law

Accident Attorneys in Orlando are reminding drivers about Florida’s new distracted driving law. Lawmakers passed the measure in response to an increase in car accidents and injuries. In Florida, Orange County has the most distracted driving accidents, according to experts. There were nearly 7,000 distracted driving accidents in the Orlando and Kissimmee area last year, an almost 15 percent increase over the year before. Experts say not paying attention behind the wheel is responsible for the rise in car accidents in Florida and throughout the country.

According to a report by ValuePenguin research, drivers in the Orlando and Kissimmee area are more than twice as likely to cause distracted driving accidents than other Florida drivers. Analyst Bailey Peterson says “Orange County is a very dangerous place to drive,” adding that Central Florida ranks number one when it comes to distracted driving accidents.



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A recent study by News 6 in Orlando found that Orange County recorded 5,390 distracted driving car crashes in 2013. That number increased to nearly 7,000 accidents in 2017, an increase of 33%.  Consequently, Orange County leads the state in distracted driving fatalities. The new legislation designed to reduce accidents makes driving while texting a primary offense. Previously in Florida, texting while driving was a secondary offense. Police could not pull you over for only that. Now, texting while driving is itself enough reason to earn a ticket and points on your driver’s license.

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