NBA Player Victim of Hit & Run

A National Basketball Player sustained injuries as a victim of a Hit & Run in an Orlando Mall parking garage.  The news reports that he was walking in the garage when struck by a vehicle hitting his head on the windshield causing him to not remember the accident.  If the driver is caught, the NBA player plans to press charges, and he will also have the right to sue for damages.

This type of incident occurs more frequently than most people are aware of.  Sometimes the injuries are minor, but the run away drivers are still held liable for criminal charges as well as personal injury lawsuits.  Law enforcement officers aggresively seek these irresponsible drivers and almost always find and detain those that leave the scene of an accident.  These cases become much more serious when there are injured victims left behind.

Martinez Manglardi Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida are very familiar with cases like these.  We represent victims that have been injured through no fault of their own.  We aggressively seek compensation for damages and medical expenses.  If the victim suffers damages that limit their ability to continue to earn a living, then the amount of monetary compensation the victim is entitled to can be very large.

Our Auto Accident Attorneys can explain to you how the law protects your constitutional rights as a victim of another person’s negligence.  There are unfortunate cases where a family has lost a loved one in a hit and run automobile accident, and we represent the surviving family members in their claim for justice, and we demand large sums if the deceased victim was the sole means of support for the family.

Tragedies caused by the negligence of others are punishable by law.  Martinez Manglardi is a statewide litigation firm dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and we are constantly fighting for justice.  We have a profesional team experienced Personal Injury Lawyers that have won Hundreds of Millions for the victims we represent.

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