Orlando Malpractice Lawyers Discuss $700,000 Settlement

A State of Florida Arbitration Panel awarded $ 700,000 in a medical malpractice case against Tampa General Hospital. The widow of the Tampa City Council member retained an experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney.  The Hospital denied any responsibility for the wrongful death of their patient, even though the arbitration panel ruled otherwise by deciding that the death was caused by the failure of the staff at Tampa General Hospital.

Medical Malpractice cases continue to occur at an alarming rate.  Hospitals are always held to a higher standard and liability for their failures or mistakes are frequently defined by a jury, arbitration panel or in many cases the Hospitals may decide to reach a settlement before a hearing begins.  When a patient becomes a victim of a Hospital’s mistakes, it merrits that justice be fair to the surviving family members whose lifes are forever changed.

The Martinez Manglardi team of Medical Malpractice Lawyers have been defending the rights of victims for many years.  We are very familiar with all types of medical negligence and have successfully represented injured victims and their families against these large for profit institutions that deny any wrongdoing even when the evidence is clear.  Our Medical Negligence Attorneys prepare each case with the help of experts from the medical, pharmaceutical and hospital management industries.  We present our client’s cases with the facts, evidence and expert opinions.  We aggressively demand monetary compensation for injuries, medical expenses and damages.

If you know or even suspect of someone that has become a victim of medical negligence during a visit to a clinic or a hospital, please contact us as soon as possible for a free legal consultation.  Our Personal Injury Attorneys will review the details and your specific circumstances and advise you on the recommended course of action in seeking justice.   We are on your side !  Contact us to defend your rights and pursue justice for unsuspecting victims and their families.

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