50K Lbs of Beef Recalled

Another meat packer issued a recall today on 50,100 pounds of Beef due to contamination issues.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture News Release states a “possibility of E-Coli contamination”; more news can be found here.  It is a relief to know that government quality controls are being enforced, even though in recent years there have been reductions in budgets and threshold guidelines for food inspections.

There are also recent headlines of bagged salads contaminated with a new type of virus, these new viruses can and should be detected before products are released to consumers.  E-Coli is a well known and very dangerous bacteria, and food inspectors have this as one of their top priorities during inspections.

Our concern is with the contaminations that are not detected in time, those that cause serious discomforts and even death to those consumers who were unaware.  Producers and distributors have a responsibility for assuring quality, and are liable if consumers are injured, due to their negligence.

If someone you know has become ill and required medical attention from ingesting a food product that may have been contaminated.  They should consult a personal injury attorney who is experienced in Florida product Liability laws.  Victims may have recourse for claims including monetary compensation.

The Martinez Manglardi Law Firm has been defending victim’s rights in Florida for many years.  Our team of Florida Attorneys works with experts from different medical fields that analyze medical records & reports, and when the research is completed, we can advise victims on their legal options.

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