Pharmaceuticals Voluntarily Recalled

Pharmaceutical manufacturers issue voluntary recalls on some of their products on a very regular basis.

As stated on the the Food and Drug Administration website, some reoccurring reasons are:

  • Elevated Impurity Levels
  • Concerns about Sterility Assurance
  • Quality Control Concerns
  • Potential Mold Contamination

Estimates are that almost a quarter million Americans die every year from reactions and side effects of Pharmaceuticals.  Even with voluntary recalls, and government mandated recalls, there are still risks associated with either defective drugs or supplements.  The manufacturer’s responsibility is broad and states their duty to provide reasonable care in preparing their products.  Even their labeling with instructions on administering and using the products is very important.

They are held liable for any injuries or damages due to errors or defects in their products.  Even after a product has been voluntarily recalled,  if it was administered to patients causing them harm, then they are still liable for the damages caused.  In the event that someone suspects that the have been injured by a defective  product, they should immediately consult with an Attorney.

Our experienced Florida Pharmaceutical Injury Attorneys have been representing victims  for many years.  We have won court cases worth millions in verdicts and settlements involving various types of liabilities.  We can help you analyze the circumstances of your situation during a free consultation.  You may have a case involving pharmaceutical negligence, and might be due compensation for damages.  Read more here about some of the pharmaceutical products that have caused suffering to patients.

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