Tire Recalls

Just recently, KUHMO Tire U.S.A. Inc. recalled passenger car tires with punctures which rendered them “unusable”, these tires were sent to a tire recycling company, which in turn sold them as “used tires” to various wholesalers and distributors in several states and Puerto Rico.

According to government documents (read more here ) “…even if the puncture holes are repaired, it could result in rapid air loss while the vehicle is in use, and result in a tire failure that could cause a crash.”

Defective tire recalls are more common than you might be aware of. Obviously tires are a safety issue for to all general public including pedestrian’s safety. A defective tire can be a risk to all family members and loved ones. It would be very difficult to determine how many accidents have been caused by defective tires. This can only be determined by detailed research after an accident has occurred, very few victims may even realize that bad (defective) tires may have been the cause.

How many “recalled tires” might still be in use today, simply because consumers were not aware of a recall ? There are many consumer safety websites that have information on tire recalls, to be safe you may want to check and verify your brand/model and size of tires have not been recalled. When a recall is issued, consumers are notified via correspondence from the manufacturer, wholesale/distributor or lawyers involved. These recalls are also announced in newspapers, television and websites.

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