Glossary of Medical Malpractice Law Terms “R”

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RH Incompatibility: Results when the blood type of the fetus, or developing child, differs from the blood type of the mother.

Rebuttal: Evidence that attempts to explain, counteract or disprove facts given in evidence by the other party.

Re-direct examination: Opportunity to present rebuttal evidence after one’s evidence has been subject to cross-examination.

Relenza: A medicine used to treat the flu. Some patients have had serious breathing problems while using Relenza, and it is no longer recommended for those with chronic respiratory disease. +

Retainer: Advance payment of fees, or fees and costs, made by a client to an attorney when the client retains the attorney to act for him or her.

Rezulin: A prescription diabetes drug that was used to control Type 2 diabetes in combination with insulin or sulfonylurea. Rezulin was recalled by the FDA because it was linked to liver failure.

RhoGAM: A medicine which was injected into pregnant women to avoid specific pregnancy complications. RhoGAM used to contain thimerosal, which some suspect is related to the development of autism.