Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involves Florida Rehab Center

rehab in wrongful death lawsuitThe family of a psychiatric patient who died at the Florida Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation in 2011 has filed a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Connecticut state agency that placed her in the Wauchula facility.

A report in the Hartford Courant this week says that 24-year old Melinda Jackobowski of Connecticut had a history of psychiatric trouble. She had been treated for years in local facilities. The state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services transferred her to the Florida facility after a suicide attempt.

Failure to Treat Cardiac Arrest

The family’s lawsuit charges negligence in Jackobowski’s death. In February 2011, she suffered from sudden heart failure in the presence of a staff member. She stopped breathing and never recovered. Consequently, experts hired by the family said that she could have survived if she had received immediate medical attention, such as CPR. The lawsuit alleges that a staff member in charge of watching Jackobowski was asleep at the time. In addition, another staff member in the room said that he did not notice anything wrong.

When two staff members came to Jackobowski’s room to relieve the night shift workers, they found that Jackobowski wasn’t breathing. Subsequently, a local hospital pronounced her dead.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Negligence

According to a report from RevealNews in 2015, the Florida Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation has a history of negligence and abuse. The facility has been hit with at least four wrongful death lawsuits. Since 2008 there have been nearly fifty cases of patient abuse. The complaints include charges of sexual abuse, lack of supervision and inappropriate punishments.

The Institute has settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit alleging neglect and abuse of brain-injured patients in the past and lost a $5million jury verdict in another wrongful death case.

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