Winter Park Accident Lawyers Seeing Too Many Orange Ave. Crashes

Winter Park car accident lawyersWinter Park accident lawyers new to the area quickly learn the grim statistics of the Orange Ave. corridor.  A lot of cars crash on the busy stretch of road between US 17-92 and Clay Avenue. According to a recent Florida Department of Transportation report, more than 200 car accidents happened over a recent 4-year period. Neighborhood residents have been complaining about the dangerous situation for a long time.

The problem comes down to speeding. The intersection of Westchester and Orange handles 14,000 cars a day, cars supposedly not to exceed a speed of 35 miles per hour. Over the past two years, there have been eleven car accidents at the intersection. The driver in a recent accident which killed two young women was doing 128 mph. He’ll be dealing with lawyers for the rest of his life.

Speeding is apparently not an issue within the workings of FDOT. Car accidents continue with headlines like Two dead in Winter Park crash on Orange Avenue becoming way too familiar. The transportation department has issued reports and proposals. Finally fed up with the recent carnage, residents have taken the initiative by posting “Please Slow Down” signs on their lawns.

For its part, the DOT recommends turning the corridor from a four-lane highway into a more sedate road. They’d like to see a two-lane boulevard with center lanes for left turns. The state is also proposing a roundabout at the intersection of Clay Avenue and Wilkinson Street. Other contemplated “traffic calming measures” include enhanced signage as well as side street right turn restrictions.


Winter Park Accident Lawyers Can Help Recover Losses

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