Truck Accident Attorneys Warn of Danger from Unsecured Loads

Best Orlando truck accident attorneysTruck accident attorneys in Orlando are warning drivers of the risk of injury from unsecured truck cargo. Loose construction material and debris falling from trucks causes many I-4 construction accidents in Central Florida. Generally, however, car accidents injure many people because improperly stowed truck cargo becomes airborne on the highway. The most graphic recent example is that of a driver who was nearly decapitated when a sheet of plywood sliced into her windshield.

Police say the only reason the accident didn’t kill the driver is that the plywood was wider than the windshield of her car. They say the accident would have killed or seriously injured a passenger in the car. The plywood was in the bed of a truck. The truck’s driver thought he had tied the load down properly, but the wind on the highway can be tricky.



Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help Recover Losses

According to AAA, unsecured loads in trucks cause more than 50,000 car accidents a year. Flying road debris from unsecured loads cause dozens of accidents and thousands of injuries every year. Recovering losses from damage and injuries from negligence in securing a truckload can be tricky. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to investigate the cause of the accident and gather evidence. Thorough information collection is critical to filing an effective personal injury lawsuit. Good personal injury attorneys know effective ways to reach a fair settlement for accident victims.

If an unsecured load accident causes a tragedy in your family, you’ll want the best truck accident lawyer in town. Consider the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Martinez Mangalrdi, PA. We’ve been helping accident victims in Central Florida for more than 30 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free case review at one of our convenient locations.





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