Tips for Driving in Orlando

Driving on the Tomorrowland Speedway in Disneyworld is a lot safer than driving the roads that take you there. All the things that make Orlando a great place in which to live also make driving in Orlando a challenge. This video from Sun Sentinal Transportation reporter Wayne Roustan offers a whimsical view of driving in Florida. Watching it a few times may lower your chances of getting to know any Orlando car accident attorneys.



Driving in Orlando – Safely

The online training and certification company Aceable rated 10 Florida cities by driving habit, and Orlando landed right in the middle at number five. That’s actually pretty good considering the unique challenges the city faces in trying to be driver friendly. The area’s tourist attractions and convention centers are the reason a record 43 million people passed through Orlando International Airport this year. That adds up to a lot of traffic for the city’s roadways. Transportation authorities are always working hard to find the safest and most efficient way to handle the volume.

The I-4 Ulitmate Improvement Project is aptly named. It’s a six-year, 21 mile, $2.3 billion construction and engineering feat aimed to finally get ahead of the historically unwieldy traffic situation. The project website offers plenty of resources like alerts and detour announcements to help navigate while they’re rearranging the driving landscape. Also, if you want to get a glimpse of what you’re in for on a particular trip, you can check I-4 Exit Guide’s Real-Time Traffic.

To drive safely in Orlando, you need to embrace the fundamentals of driving safely anywhere else — only more so. Be alert. Anticipate the unexpected. Plan your route and be ready for the detours. Leave plenty of time so you don’t have to speed. Drive defensively, because many drivers that you share the road with aren’t from around here. Or they’ve been around a really long time.

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