8 Reasons for Teen Crashes and Injuries

teen crashes and injuries

There are eight “Danger Zones” that contribute to teen crashes and injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With 1,000 car accidents happening every day in Florida, we need to do everything we can to change bad driving habits and educated parents and teens on best driving practices for teenagers.

It’s important to inform parents and teens about the value of seatbelt use, following traffic laws, abstaining from drug and alcohol use while driving, and concentrating solely on driving while operating a vehicle. The more we do to prevent teen crashes and injuries, the safer our travels will be.

Teenage fatalities in the US are primarily caused by automobile accidents. Although approximately 5% of Florida’s drivers are teenagers (ages 15 to 19), teen drivers were involved in more than 11% of all car accidents there in 2021, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV).

Teen Crashes and Injuries

According to the CDC, these are the “Eight Danger Zones” in which moist teen crashes and injuries occur:

  1. Driver inexperience
  2. Driving with teen passengers
  3. Nighttime driving
  4. Not using seat belts
  5. Distracted driving
  6. Drowsy driving
  7. Reckless driving
  8. Impaired driving

“Becoming a licensed driver is an exciting time for many teens, bringing new independence and opportunity – and most importantly, a solemn responsibility. A solemn responsibility to drive with care, courtesy, and confidence every time you get behind the wheel,” says FLHSMV Executive Director, Terry L. Rhodes. “Being a safe driver is a lifelong devotion, and Teen Driver Safety Week in Florida serves as a great opportunity to encourage everyone to help reduce injuries and tragic loss of life by being focused on safe, attentive driving.”

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