Warning: Avoid Summer Driving Accidents

summer driving accidents

Summer driving accidents are a concern when the temperatures soar and the sun shines brighter. The allure of Florida’s picturesque beaches, vibrant cities, and endless adventures attracts tourists from all over the world. With the influx of vehicles on the roads, increased holiday traffic, and unpredictable summer weather conditions, driving in Florida can be dangerous.

Prioritizing Safety: Avoiding Summer Driving Accidents

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) has made it their mission to promote safe and secure travel for all motorists on the state’s roads. According to their data, the summer months of June and July last year saw a staggering 107,048 crashes, resulting in 499 fatalities and 2,385 serious injuries. These sobering statistics underscore the urgent need for drivers to prioritize safety and heed the essential summer driving tips and prevent summer driving accidents.

Slow Down and Stay Vigilant

One of the most critical summer driving tips is to maintain a cautious and attentive approach behind the wheel. Speed limits are not mere suggestions, but laws designed to protect you and your fellow travelers. During the summer, law enforcement issued a lot of citations for unlawful speed, while a substantial portion of crashes were attributed to excessive speed. Motorists aged 18-33 were particularly susceptible to these speed-related incidents.

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Summer Challenges

Your vehicle’s tires are the first line of defense against the rigors of summer driving. Hot weather can cause tires to overheat, leading to potentially dangerous situations. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your tires is crucial. Check the tire pressure to ensure it matches the manufacturer’s recommended inflation levels, and carefully monitor the tread depth to ensure it remains within safe limits.

The summer sun can also take a toll on your vehicle’s headlights, causing them to yellow and become cloudy over time. This can significantly reduce visibility, posing a risk to both you and other drivers. Consider updating your headlight casings or using restorative cleaners to restore their clarity and improve overall road visibility.

Windshield wipers are another essential component that deserves attention during the summer months. The hot, sunny climate can cause these critical components to deteriorate faster, requiring more frequent replacement. Regularly inspecting and replacing your windshield wipers as needed can ensure optimal performance when inclement weather strikes.

Buckle Up for Safety

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the most fundamental and effective safety measures you can take, regardless of the distance or duration of your summer road trip. The Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law in Florida mandates that all drivers, front-seat passengers, and passengers under the age of 18 must fasten their seatbelts. Failure to comply can result in fines and other legal consequences. Prioritizing seatbelt usage is a simple yet crucial step in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Combating Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a reckless and unacceptable behavior that jeopardizes the safety of everyone on the road and adds to summer driving accidents. The penalties for a DUI in Florida can be severe, including hefty fines, license revocation, and even jail time. Plan ahead, designate a sober driver, or utilize ride-sharing services to ensure you and your loved ones arrive at your destination safely. If you encounter an impaired driver on the road, do not hesitate to contact law enforcement by dialing *FHP (*347) – your call could save a life.

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summer driving accidents

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