Are Self-Driving Cars in Your Future?

Orlando auto accident attorneysRecent news that an auto accident in which a self-driving car killed a pedestrian is raising questions about the safety of driverless vehicles. A 49-year-old Tempe, Arizona woman was struck by an autonomous Uber SUV. The SUV hit her while she was walking her bicycle across a street. While there was an operator behind the wheel, the SUV was driving in autonomous mode.

Uber was testing the vehicle in Tempe, and most self-driving car developers have operators in cars during testing. Companies suppose that it lowers the chance of an auto accident. In addition to Arizona, Uber had been testing autonomous cars in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and San Francisco. The company has paused test programs in all cities while they investigate the accident in Tempe. While this is the first self-driving auto accident involving a pedestrian death, it is not the first fatality. In 2016, an autonomous Tesla crashed in Florida, killing the driver.


Auto Accident Attorneys Concerned about Liability


Personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys in Florida and elsewhere are following the case closely. That’s because lobbyists are helping craft laws in Washington about self-driving cars. They want the laws to shield autonomous car makers from responsibility for auto accidents. Currently, if you are in an auto accident that results from another driver’s negligence, you may be able to recover certain losses. A personal injury lawyer can sue the negligent driver on your behalf.

While a bill to allow driverless cars has passed the House, consumer advocates are worried about provisions in a Senate version. That’s where lobbyists are working to weaken liability laws. A provision in the Senate bill would prevent people from filing personal injury lawsuits against makers of self-driving cars. Anyone hurt in an autonomous auto accident would no hire a car accident attorney. Instead, the rules would force injured parties to use arbitration.

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