Safer Driving for Seniors

Senior DriversDespite what you may think, the fact is that senior drivers are safer drivers. It’s partly because by the time you’ve made it into your 70’s or 80’s you’ve learned a thing or two. Senior drivers are more likely to follow basic safety rules like wearing seat belts, not speeding or driving after drinking. In addition to the wisdom that comes with age, car makers and highway engineers are increasingly working with safety in mind.

Here in Central Florida,  Orlando car accident attorneys see the results of negligent driving every day. But traffic safety engineers have been working for decades with older drivers in mind. To accommodate the changes in vision capabilities that come with age, experts more clearly mark roadways. They make the lines on the pavement wider and embedded more roadway reflectors. Designers also work to make street signs more legible.

In order to better serve older drivers, designers are making cars that are easier to get in and out of. They also make it easier to see all around the outside of the vehicle, with larger windows. It’s easier to work controls for accessories like windshield wipers, headlights, and the radio. Stronger, brighter headlights make the road easier to see. Dashboard lighting that makes the instrument panel easier also improve safety.


Visibility for Senior Drivers


Other safety enhancements for older drivers include self-dimming mirrors, sun visor extensions, and wide angel side-view mirrors. Adjustable steering wheels, power doors, and self-closing trunk lids also make for a more convenient and safer driving experience for seniors.

Consumer Reports offers a list of vehicles engineered with safe driving for seniors, and AAA provides more general information on the types of features and accessories to look for when shopping for a car suited to older drivers.

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