It’s Safe Toys and Gifts Time

Orlando toy safety personal injury lawyerThe Orlando personal injury attorneys at Martinez Manglardi want to remind you that this is Safe Toy and Gift Month. Holiday shoppers can generally feel confident that the toys and gifts they give won’t hurt the recipients. They can take this pretty much for granted because America’s trial lawyers do their best to keep consumers safe. Our civil litigation system works to protect consumers by holding manufacturers accountable for damage and injury caused by dangerous products.

But personal injury lawyers help recover losses after a consumer has been hurt by a defective product. As consumers, people still have to be vigilant and mindful of safety issues, especially when buying children’s toys. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 240,000 children got to emergency rooms every year with injuries related to toys.


Injuries from Unsafe Toys

Most of the injuries come from cuts, scrapes or bumps to the face or head. Many of the injuries are from riding toys, such as scooters and wagons. Choking is the most common injury among younger children because they tend to put things in their mouths. lists some guidelines for buying safe toys and appropriate children’s gifts.

The New York Law Journal points out that consumer protection agencies like the CPSC are facing cutbacks.

The “proposed budget called for a 17 percent cut to the CPSC—further limiting its effectiveness,” the Journal says, “Equally troubling, the President has offered a nominee, Dana Baiocco, who reportedly has represented companies accused of selling dangerous and defective products—including toy manufacturer Mattel when it was facing lawsuits because of lead in its products.”

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