Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando on Self Driving Car Accidents

Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando Martinez Manglardi PA say not so fast on the trend toward self-driving cars. In the wake of recent legislation that allows “Autonomous Vehicles” (AVs’) to roam Florida roads with no one at the wheel, safety experts are raising concerns. The new law, signed last month by Governor Ron DeSantis, says “A fully autonomous vehicle may operate in this state regardless of whether a human operator is physically present in the vehicle.” Other states, specifically Michigan and Texas, allow driverless cars, but Florida’s rules are the most AV friendly. According to state law, local governments can not pass any regulations that differ. The result, concerned activists say, is that Florida is now the big proving grounds for AVs.

The result is likely to be that personal injury lawyers in Orlando will be at the forefront of AV personal injury lawsuits. But some legal experts predict that when a self-driving car accident kills or injures someone, those victims will have to recover losses through product liability law. In other words, a lawyer can’t sue the driver of a driverless car, so the manufacturer of the car is liable.



Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando Help Accident Victims

So far, self-driving car accidents have been relatively rare, and human beings were mostly at fault for those. So maybe we headed for a time when, for car accidents at least, product liability lawyers will reign. Until then, for car accidents and other negligence that hurts or kills people, personal injury lawyers will recover losses. If you or a family member fall victim to an accident and are looking for the best personal injury lawyers in Orlando, consider Martinez Manglardi PA. For more than 30 years, we’ve been fighting and winning personal injury lawsuits. To have one of our personal injury experts review your case for free, call 407-846-2240. Our Orlando personal injury law firm has convenient locations throughout Central Florida.



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